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My name is Jennifer
We were looking for someone to take care of our pets at the last minute before we left town and my husband went online and found Miss Pet Sitter. First of all we do not allow just anyone in our home. But we scheduled an appointment and when I met her I connected with her spiritually immediately! She was a God send. She is such an amazing lady, she really loves animals and has so much empathy. We have 2 dogs the first dog is an older dog that came from a troubled home and the other dog is a 6 month old puppy that is full of energy and we were actually thinking about finding the puppy a new home but when Miss Pet Sitter came that all changed. She was here for 4 days while we were out of town and we seen a tremendous difference in such a short time; our puppy usually jumps on the older dog constantly and attacks our feet and pants legs not to mention while not be still for her meals. The puppy now does not attack the older dog constantly but she is still a puppy but they play more
together which never happened before and they actually sleep in the same area together without fighting. She is not only a pet sitter she is also a dog trainer. She taught us things about the dogs that we never knew. We would fully recommend her to anyone that needs a pet sitter with 5 stars if we could we would give her 10 stars! She will make such a difference in your life and in your pets life ! She is a blessing from God !

Reply By Miss Pet Sitter.

Dear Jenifer your Review is Brathtaking.Thank you so much for the thoughtfull testimony and all the loving words it is my great pleasure to help you and your family!

God Bless you all !




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