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Who doesn't have a Lucky Shot of their Adored Pet in their life? Very often the gentlest expression of the being that we know so closely was captured or some unique aspect of its sweetness or its toughness. Those catches stay in the family for life as a precious asset, a family jewel. Most of us have at least one hard copy of the original capture, and others stay for life in our devices. Since I was a child I had a curiosity and a special interest in this family tradition. It is a great source of inspiration to always be surrounded by animal lovers. As a fruit of that inspiration, this program that I offer today was born. The Program is about creating gifts for family or dear friends, so if we know which the preferred capture of any of them is, we can delight them in an exclusive way. All you need is a digital copy of the capture.  


How do you create these gifts?


• You send me a Digital Copy of the Original Capture.
• The Image is processed to improve or transform it.
• The image transformed into photos, videos, or graphic design with ..motivational text, is deliver to you.




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I am your Pet Photo Editor. I will edit your Pet Photograph.

I have more than 22 years of Digital Work experience.
I specialize in creating and processing Digital Art and Photography, analyzing and processing Media, and Graphic Design.
My Packages are very well priced and balance with my quality of work.
My Design Styles are very wide open, from simple and classic to unconventional, and fun.

I will take that one Image of your Dear Pet and elevated to ART!


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